Breeding and breeding preparation


Breeding and breeding preparation

Regardless of the mating time, the breeding animals must be in comparably good form, like racing pigeons at the beginning of the travel. The form that the parents have is of great significance for the quality of the offspring. High-quality offspring only come from breeding pigeons in first-class

Approximately 4 weeks prior to mating, the animals should therefore be checked as thoroughly as possible for their healthy condition. If the animals exhibit signs of illness they can be treated for this in accordingly good time. If the pigeons have just simply become a little too fat during the moulting, a 10-day vegetable regimen with fresh garlic/ onion/carrot/red beet mix is recommended. Bind this with Probac 1000 and some Green Healing Earth and give blood cleansing tea. Then the pigeons are in top form for breeding.

The changeover of fodder from winter to breeding mixture should take place gradually over 6-7 days, never abruptly.

With the changeover to breeding mixture the dietary supplement plan is also changed over to breeding. During the first 12 days of the breeding phase the addition of the dietary supplement can be reduced.

Young animal breeding 
The young pigeon emerging from the egg has a very weak to totally undeveloped immune system. Everything that they need for protection against external influences comes with the strumous mucous from their parents. It takes several months until the immune system of the young pigeon is fully developed. Therefore, starting from the12th day of breeding, the breeding pigeons should be regularly fed according to the provision system for breeding. The essential nutrients attuned to one another, as well as the useful bacteria that is so important for the immune defence, enable such a natural, robust growth

Pay attention to the feather coat quality of the young animals upon removal!

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