High-performance sport racing pigeons


High-performance sport racing pigeons

More than ever, performanceoriented racing pigeon breeding demands optimal provision. The breeder who demands high performance from his animals bears the sole responsibility for creating the necessary conditions for the performance of his animals. Both hygienically-sound conditions and preparedness to be sufficiently engaged in the animals are a part of this.

Form beats class
Naturally, a champion pigeon is a prerequisite for peak performance. But what differentiates the champion pigeon? It is able to generate peak performance according to its genetic potential. The breeder must, however, be prepared to exploit the genetically prescribed performance limitations of his pigeons during competition flight. Only then will he be the winner in the end, because: form beats class! !

Good health 
The artificial form realised by medications is only of short duration. True form or top form is far more than just good health. Good health, however, is a prerequisite for it. The sustained form (condition) that we require arises through clearly-controlled, regular, intensive training in an entirely natural way.

Always state-of-the-art 
In order to give consideration to the elevated training requirements, a professional dietary supplement is indispensable, just like in modern performance sports. This must be oriented to the performance requirements of the modern racing pigeon and its metabolism and embrace the newest nutritional scientific knowledge. Many dietary supplements for racing pigeons do not sufficiently incorporate this knowledge. The animals must perform unnecessary metabolic work in order to transport surplus substances back out of the body. This stresses the liver in particular and thus prevents optimal performance. Our products are based on periodic regulatory testing and constantly maintain the state-of-the-art.

Standing still is moving backwards
Our experience from recent years also led to simple provision plans that are also easily adjusted to this year.
The publications and advertising texts of the competition, which partially copy us word for word, show how successful we are with our system.
Yet we are continuously working to remain a step ahead.

Trust our expertise and follow our system. Specifically attuned to the metabolism of the pigeon, unique in its composition and always state-of-the-art.

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