Maintaining good health and improving performance


Maintaining good health and improving performance

Improving performancethrough Probac
Sports-medicinal studies on highperformance athletes have shown that regularly taking probiotics leads to improved performance, particularly endurance performance. Therefore probiotics are an indispensable part of modern nutritional supplements, especially for endurance athletes like cyclists, marathon runners and triathletes. Even in the areas of horse and dog breeding, as well as modern agriculture, improved performance is attained through probiotic bacteria particularly through improved fodder utilization.

Improved performance with racing pigeon
Transport to the release point already harbours the danger of infections. The competition flight, however, also represents an extremely stressful situation for the racing pigeon, whereby the natural intestinal flora is disrupted to the greatest extent. This can be seen most clearly from the excrement after the flight. It often takes 24-48 hours before the excrement has fully normalised again. With the use of Probac the regeneration phase after the flight is significantly shortened. So there is sufficient time left to save up energy at an early point in time. The preparations attuned to one another guide their pigeons to a natural, constant top form and prevent the pigeons from losing substance from week to week. That brings you a decisive boost in performance.

Use of antibiotics 
The use of antibiotics should, in principle, be kept to a minimum, because broad-spectrum antibiotics and chemotherapeutics have unpleasant side effects that also disrupt the healthy intestinal flora. Therefore, subsequent treatment for 3-5 days with Probac 1000 after treatment with antibiotics and chemotherapeutics is recommended in order to rebuild the disrupted intestinal flora as quickly as possible. Then essential nutrients are again available to the pigeons very quickly.


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