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Power for the muscle-power for the heart

L-Carnitin-magnesium complex (C-M-C)

For improvement of the muscular capacity for prevention of lopsided flyers

The musculature of the racing pigeon is exposed to extremely high stresses during the training and competition flight phase. The combination of L-carnitin and magnesium helps to prevent symptoms of musculature fatigue.

L-carnitin is a substance from the body that transports long-chain fatty acids for energy recovery from fat and muscle tissue in the muscle cells (mitochondria). Therefore L-carnitin must always be sufficiently available as a means of transport. In addition L-carnitin works against the overacidification of the musculature through lactic acid and prevents muscle damage (pulled muscles). The additional administration of L-carnitin leads in particular to a more effective heart muscle.

For fat burning, however, the animal requires a great deal of magnesium, which, as a co-enzyme, takes part in the activation of over 300 enzymes. Moreover, it is the essential mineral for the neurotransmission to the muscles. A sufficiently high magnesium level in the muscle cells is a condition for functioning muscle contraction. Together with L-carnitin it prevents muscle cramps, muscle aches as well as lame wings (lopsided flyers).

C-M-C contains highly-concentrated L-carnitin as well organically bound magnesium in the optional proportion for the metabolism. The magnesium is best absorbed and utilised through the intestinal wall.

The administration of C-M-C should have already begun with the initial training at the house. The oftoccurring phenomenon of lopsided flyers is thus prevented as far as possible.

At the beginning of the competition flight phase, C-M-C should only be carefully administered in combination with CarboPower in the drinking trough on the final day before deployment. With increasing distance of the flights the administration of C-M-C can be increased to 2-3 days prior to the deployment.

Recommended dosage:
10 ml C-M-C to 1 litre water 1-3 x weekly

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