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Green Healing Earth

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Finished with wet, thin excrement and diarrhoea

Probac Green Healing Earth

for regulation of the pH value in the stomach-intestinal tract

Probac Green Healing Earth is a pure, natural product without chemical additives, consisting exclusively of naturally pure, glacial green loess. The main components are silicon in the form of silicic acid and numerous minerals and very rare trace elements from which the green colour comes.

Probac Green Healing Earth has the special ability of binding up to three hundred times its own weight in waste products in the form of difficult-to-digest proteins, toxins and odorous substances as well as harmful bacteria, in particular. One gram (1 g) of Probac Green Healing Earth has a reaction surface of 300 square meters and works as a catalyst with the detoxification of the body. There is a decisive advantage over conventional healing earths in the fineness of this preparation.

Probac Green Healing Earth binds excessive stomach and bile acids and thus regulates the pH value in the entire stomach-intestinal tract. The use prevents indigestion, serves for purification and detoxification, prevents stomach troubles and diarrhoeal illnesses and contributes to general intestinal restoration. Its basic mineral materials and trace elements work against overacidification of the body and lead to amazingly firm excrement. The high content of silicic acid additionally provides an elastic, dazzling feather coat.

On the basis of its neutral qualities, Probac Green Healing Earth is extremely well suited to support the effectiveness of the probiotic bacteria contained in Probac 1000 or Probac Energy. Therefore administering Probac Green Healing Earth throughout the year 1-2 x weekly through the fodder wetted with Probac Oregano Oil or Lecithin Oil is recommended.

On the basis of the very strong binding qualities, Probac Green Healing Earth should, however, not be administered together with medicines, as their effectiveness can be decreased by it.

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